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Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)

Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)
Wes Anderson


You can find strange my choices for best shots in Fantastic Mr. Fox because the selection is dark and features realistic imagery for an animated feature, given Anderson's tendency and love for bright colors and smart composition. I really liked the movie, it's pretty entertaining and touching, sometimes funny and special in the treatment of the characters relationships. I really wanted to post a shot of Mr. and Mrs. Fox together, but I thought these choices told more to the story. They were more important, adding meaning to the theme and motifs. Anyway, the cinematography work in this movie is exquisite. Tristan Oliver really understands the universe of Wes Anderson and explores Roald Dahl's story with precision and freedom.

I remembered Chicken Run when I watched this, but only because the characters were animals and their action took place in a farm, amongst other locations. The visuals are simply outstanding. I really wanted to get inside that world and play with the foxes! There were wonderful characters and Anderson presents them and puts them in specific positions, sometimes to make us laugh, sometimes to make us understand their own loneliness because Fantastic Mr. Fox is, above all, a story about loneliness and the meaning of life, even if they're (wild) animals. This decision causes a result of charming experience.


The bronze went to a very visual, painting, colorful shot. I chose it because it gives the audience the sense of company for Mr. Fox in his robbing activity. Also, the shining yellow moon gives the characters a place on Earth, on (comedy) misery. The silver was for a devastating moment that Anderson creates with the big shot of the rain falling over Mr. Fox in the climax. He has been silly all the story, as her own wife says, "You never listen to anyone", but in that moment you can feel sorry for him. And the gold was for a comedic relief, Mr. Fox invading the farm, and making the farmer look like a total inept. I think it's the perfect conclusion for this Wes Anderson movie. It keeps its spirit of pathetic characters, great visual composition and the idea of a perfectly imaginary world.

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